"What are you watching Doctor?"


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David hugs Billie (1) after they film that damn Doomsday scene/Rose’s last episode and (2) Billie’s last day of filming


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AU: Separated from the TARDIS, the Doctor and Rose find themselves stranded in France, 1940 and are forced to deal with the impending war. 

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hollow, you drift into the night
hollow girl

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Conversations With The Devil


At the end of the Year That Never Was, an unexpected visitor arrives on the bridge of the Valiant.

Ten/Rose + Master with a dash of Jack and Martha

This story is part of my Certain Dark Things series about Rose’s Dimension Cannon jumps. It’s only as AU as you want it to be, baby.


*** 6:05 AM GMT, in the prisoner quarters of the Valiant ***

“So,” drawled Jack, speaking over the endless drone of the Valiant’s engines.  “You here to bring me my breakfast of champions?”  He flashed his undefeated grin at Tish.

“Same as every day,” she answered quietly, setting the tray down and starting to spoon up Jack’s gruel.

“Nah, not today,” he said.  “Today’s the big day.  Launch Day!  Do you think everything’s ready?  Has our Lord and Master got everything in place?”  His manner was the same over-the-top, indomitable charm as always, but it didn’t matter—Tish knew what he was really asking.  

“I’m sure he has,” she said, but the pinch of her lips and faintest shake of her head told him the real answer.   

Jack swallowed the next spoonful, trying not to break character even as his mind raced.  A year of planning, of mostly-fake escape attempts, of torture stoically endured, and in the end, it was all going to be screwed up by some stupid machine.

What in the name of hell were they going to do now?

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- from the Doctor Who 2006 annual

  • Chris and Billie hugging each other to keep warm
  • Chris singing Close To You
  • jfc like can he get any more perfect??
  • them getting distracted dancing together on set
  • all my feels just spilling out all over the place at this point btw
  • rtd being cute about realising his dream for doctor who
  • did i mention chris singing a song by the Carpenters
  • did i mention chris dancing and joking with billie to keep her warm and make her smile
  • did i mention how everyone who works with her falls in love with billie i mean this is really just damn obvious by now
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